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Note: The Office of Geographic and Demographic Analysis is no longer a division of the Dept. of Administration. The work units which made up this division can be found on the left menu of this page. Resources found on the GDA website are being migrated to other domains.

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Custom Search

Children's Report card sets 6 goals for the state's future and uses 31 indicator to track progress toward the goals.

There are four principal methods for locating relevant data sets to construct custom searches:

  • Trend list: Scroll through a complete list of all data trends available
  • Keyword:  Search for keywords in trend titles.  Trends matching your search will be presented as selectable check boxes. After you choose from these results (and additional trends from the scrolling list) press submit to retrieve the data. 
  • Geographic area: Search on the name of a county to see the available trends for that region.
  • Single year: Allows you to select multiple trends and multiple geographic regions, for a single year.

Search method 1: Select trends

Search method 2: Search for keywords in trend titles:
This search find trends containing your search string in the title as options. You will be returned to this page with a list provided.

Search method 3: Find trends with data for geographic area:
Trends applicable will be displayed above.  Select from that list for data reports.



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