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Media release
The digital divide and what policymakers can do to narrow the gap

Extent: web page
Description: Announces the report Digital divide: beyond the infrastructure
Date: August 22, 2001
Subject(s): Science and technology; Rural policy
Creator(s): Minnesota Planning (Agency).
Contributor: Lee Schutz
Publisher: Minnesota Planning (Agency)
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Digital divide: beyond the infrastructure (16p., 90K, PDF4.0) | Report details

Digital Divide: Beyond the Infrastructure, released today by Minnesota Planning, is the latest in a series of publications examining critical issues facing Minnesota. The report describes what private sector, nonprofit and government entities are doing and can do to help close the gap between those who have access and can effectively use new information and communication tools - such as computers and the Internet - and those who cannot. Examples of programs in schools and communities across the country that are working toward "digital inclusion" are highlighted.

Dean Barkley, director of Minnesota Planning, said, "It is important for all citizens of the state to have access and the skills needed to participate fully in this digital society."

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